The Menu at a Dahi Cholley Chaat Shop

1) Chaat–Rs.10
2) Special Chaat–Rs.12
3) Very Special Chaat–Rs.15
4) Extra Special Chaat–Rs.18
5) Double Extra Special Chaat–Rs.20
6) Sunday Special chat–Rs.25

To check each and every chaat for its different taste, Ramu started eating everyday a different one…
But soon he discovered that each and every one had the same taste of chaat.
Finally one day he asked him the reason for the same taste?

Chatwala said :
chaat cost…Rs.10
Special chaat means spoons washed…
Very special chaat means spoons and plates both washed…
Extra special chaat means washing hands before putting chaat
Double extra special chaat means clean drinking water is provided seperately…
Chaatwala now looking at Ramu face…
Then he asked What is Sunday Special?
Chaatwala said: Sunday…I take bath…!!”

Chaatwala Joke
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