Intelligent Husband’s Reply To Wife

Intelligent Husband’s Reply To Wife Wife was busy in packing her clothes. Husband : Where are you going ? Wife : I’m moving to my mother. Husband also starts packing his clothes. Wife : Now where are you going ?

Joke on Currency Demonetisation

Joke on Currency Demonetisation Two friends meeting after years. Friend 1 : How are you? How are the children? Where are they? Friend 2 : Eldest son in SBI, his wife in ICICI   second son in HDFC, his wife

Second person Helmet compulsory rule

Husband : Now second person helmet compulsory rule has been applied in Bangalore. Wife : Next weekend we have to buy helmets for all my matching dresses.. Husband sold his bike without any option.

Intelligent Litttle Johnny

Teacher: Who is the President of Iraq? Johnny : I dont know Miss? Teacher: You need to focus more on your studies Johnny : Please Miss, Can I ask you a Question? Teacher: Yes.. Johnny : Do you know Angela? Teacher: No, Why? Johnny : You need to focus more on your

Chaatwala Joke

The Menu at a Dahi Cholley Chaat Shop 1) Chaat–Rs.10 2) Special Chaat–Rs.12 3) Very Special Chaat–Rs.15 4) Extra Special Chaat–Rs.18 5) Double Extra Special Chaat–Rs.20 6) Sunday Special chat–Rs.25 To check each and every chaat for its different taste,

Why Kattappa killed Bahubali? Jock of the Day

Employee: Sir, I want leave for 1 day Manager : (After thinking…) If you want a leave then give me answer for one question. Employee: Sure sir… Manager : Why kattappa killed bahubali? Employee: May be bahubali not approved kattappa’s leave.. Manager : Take a 1